Peshawar Educational Complex

The purpose of PEC School is to prepare students with promise
to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual,
and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good
as citizens of Pakistan.

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Grade Levels: Day Care-10

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Now you can register and get enroll with us online. It is the first time in Peshawar that School can offer online registration and prospectus system. Now you can not come to the school and get admission of your child online.

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New admission will be open soon and you will be notified here for more info.

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Our school is English medium and we offer A Day Care class for little childs and we offer the classes till 10th Class.

Career Opportunities

Now the teachers and other vancy peoples can apply here!

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The info about the staff is avalible at About Us Page.

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August 16th

School Government Elections

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About Us

As one of the biggest schools in Peshawar, PEC has very good infrastructure in terms of building and supporting facilities. The school had been renovated from its original condition into a two-floor construction. When you arrive at the front yard of this school, you will be greeted by a security. The security post is located close to the front gate. Everyday there are two security officers waiting at their post. The school is arranged in a square shape. In the centre, you will see a wide open area with a flag pole. The area is used for flag raising ceremony and also for sports activity as well as other outdoor activities. The headmaster’s office is located not far from the entrance gate alongside the administration staff office and teachers’ hall. There are 24 classrooms at this school.

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

In the age of knowledge driven economy, school’s being primary institutions of the society.Peshawar Educational Complex believes in providing effective& quality education. Peshawar Educational Complex strives to imitate the to wearing personality
of it’s pioneer and founder  in emulating the great been factor of Pakistan, we have established an unparalleled system with consistent policies, established standards and a coherent
conceptual base. We claim to have the following distinctive features. We ensure focused and ongoing evaluation of school performance with the aim of achieving set objectives. We believe in nurturing creative and analytical abilities of students intesting their memories. we believe in engaging student mind by encouraging them to participate in learning
activities regularly and perform their home assignments. 

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

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Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Experience of renowned educationists and capitalizing on the guidance of our patron-in chief P.E.C. We have established an unmatched system of education. Read More

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Our Mission & Vision

Peshawar educational Complex strives to be a unique community
where the potential and talent of each individual is realized
within a friendly and challenging environment based
on Islamic principles.

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Rahat Abad, Street# 13, Peshawar

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Mon-Sat: 8am – 2pm
Weekends: Closed

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Our Principal

” On behalf of Peshawar Education Complex (PEC) faculty and staff, we welcome you to second academic year at PEC.”

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The exam will be started.


New Admission will be open.


New classes will be started in May.


Saying about pec

What Parents are Saying

91% believe the teachers are well prepared.

  • “It is a committed faculty.”
  • “PEC has strong leadership, great teachers, and a love for the students!”


93% of families believe that RBS is affordable as compared to other Christian schools.

  • What do you like most about RBS? “The affordable price and the quality education.”

94% of parents believe their children are safe on campus.

“I love most about PEC is the safe, comfortable, and loving environment.”



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Location: Rahat Abad, Street# 13, Peshawar

Telephone: 091-5610133


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 2pm